We can proudly assure you that we are the leading BUYER CONSOLE service agent in india. Because only we have specially trained and experienced team of professionals to handle BUYER CONSOLE.

We are mainly concentrating on BUYER CONSOLE , that means if you are purchasing from different shippers in India. Normally shippers will move the cargo by LCL basis if it is less than FCL . It will not reach on your required time. It will be much expensive at destination and more over you have to take the difficult effort to co-ordinate each shippers.

But, If you will get the privilage to be our Client. Your job is just SIMPLE. When you have given the order to the shipper , simultaneously the shipper details must be send to us . From the time Our system got the details , we can co-ordinate with all shippers and collect the materials in our shed because we have our own CUSTOM BONDED shed in Mumbai . After that we can stuff the materials as per your instructions. So We can let you know the details of status of the Shipments , Vessel , ETA Date etc. in advance . More over you can save the money in destination charges and at the same time you can move the same container to your factory or warehouse and de-stuff it . Then the benifits are Four :-

  • No hidden charges ,
  • Safe arrival of your goods
  • Lesser documentaion.
  • More over you can ENJOY our uncomparable service

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